The Electrico Difference

Electrio of Tulsa Electricians A Typical Electrician
Free Estimates – with a detailed analysis of the problems and proposed solutions $75 Estimate with conditions that do not provide you with a sense of confidence and certainty
30 Minute Time Window – We will arrive within 30 minutes of the appointed time 4 Hour Time Window – they might arrive within 4 hours or it may be the next day, you’re never quite sure
Best Value for services performed in the entire metro area. Overpriced and under-delivered. Seems like they are coming up with creative reasons to charge more
Communicates in a way you understand and will only fix what needs to be fixed – rest assured your costs will be very fair especially when considering the quality of work. Use “scare tactics” and complicated language to trick you into giving them additional work you really don’t need
Our very experienced, knowledgeable staff solves challenges that other electricians have called impossible Never quite confidence in the level of competency of the staff actually performing the work
All technicians are respectful and courteous – you are Technicians are coarse, blunt and stink up the house when using your toilets